2022 Instructor of the Year

Congratulations, Jen Burgmeier

The Groove Fitness Studio, Altoona, Pennsylvania

Jen Burgmeier - 2022 Instructor of the YearJen Burgmeier has been teaching SilverSneakers for 7 years, and owns The Groove Fitness Studio in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Her students say attending her class is so much more than just exercise. She cares about each one of her students and makes them feel welcome. As one participant says, “The laughter and camaraderie in her classes alone make you feel like you could conquer anything.”

During the Covid lockdown, when many were not able to make it to the gym, Jen started livestreaming her classes through her On Demand channel, allowing her students to remain active. Although many are back in-person, Jen continues live streaming her classes, and now has participants from around the county. She takes the time to get to know her online students as well as her in-person students.

Jen has created a community of caring. She and her class members have provided families with serious medical issues or financial insecurities compassion and financial support. Together members of Groove Fitness hold fundraisers & work with local community programs to support local people in need.

Congratulations to our finalists

Tim Minnick - Silversneakers Instructor

Tim Minnick
Golds Gym, Cedar Park, Texas

Tim Minnick is knowledgeable about how fitness and nutrition impact seniors. He is a great motivator for his students and encourages them to work within their level. One participant says, “His positive attitude is contagious and serves us in every aspect of our lives!” Tim keeps his students educated and included as he sends out weekly e-newsletters to his participants, even those who don’t come as regularly. Not only does he encourage his students to live healthier lives through physical activity, he is living proof it works.

Cheryl Seabright

Cheryl Seabright
Cheryl’s L.I.F.E. Fitness, Millersburg, Ohio

Cheryl Seabright makes her students feel comfortable and included, and checks with them before starting class in case someone needs modifications. One participant compares Cheryl to a mother hen and her chicks, saying Cheryl knows her students’ “individual personalities well and never loses a peep.” Her students love attending class and don’t like to miss because it is fun and never boring. Cheryl has a way of exercising the body and the mind, and constantly brings new moves and routines to class.

Lorrie Ward - SilverSneakers Instructor

Lorrie Ward
The Madison Improvement Club, Phoenix, Arizona

Lorrie Ward has an extensive background in fitness and wellness. She has always had the desire to share her passion with others and now is a motivating and energetic instructor. She truly cares about those who participate in her class. Lorrie makes sure to celebrate all victories, big or small, in her no-judgement zone class! Her radiating smile and attitude bring out the best in anyone she comes across, but especially her members! She mixes the class up to give participants more variety, and promotes health, wellness, joy, and lots of laughter.

Jacqueline Zitelli - SilverSneakers Instructor

Jacqueline Zitelli
YouFit & Easy Fit, Green Acres, Florida

Jacqueline Zitelli provides routines that suit the needs of everyone in her class by providing safe alternatives for to each person’s needs. Her classes are never boring or repetitive. Jacqueline is motivating, upbeat and understands people’s strengths and limitations. She makes it fun to exercise, and leaves you wanting to come back, all while pushing you to be the best version of yourself.