2023 Instructor of the Year Winner

Congratulations, Cheryl Seabright

Cheryl’s L.I.F.E. Fitness, Millersburg, Ohio

Cheryl Seabright - 2023 Instructor of the YearCheryl Seabright is an inspiration to all who meet her. She is currently going through her second battle with cancer in five years but continues to show up for her SilverSneakers classes. As one participant says, Cheryl is “an instructor of courage – a motivator – always being positive no matter how she felt. Most of all she has been an inspiration to all of us, never giving up.”

Cheryl may have had a tough year, but she has remained positive, continually inspiring her class members to do their best. “Her focus remains on providing fitness classes to her participants who are more like family to her. Her journey has been very difficult, but she hasn’t let that stop her. Her determination and perseverance have shown that even in the most difficult of times, life goes on and we must move forward to make healthy living a priority.”

Cheryl makes her classes feel like a community. She truly cares about each participant and checks on them before and during classes.  After a bad storm last summer, many people were displaced and without power. Cheryl opened her studio for people to keep cool and take a shower. She also offered to cook them a meal.

Cheryl creates an atmosphere of joy and positivity, encouraging each participant to work to the best of their abilities.

“We work harder as we see her suffer with her many side effects from chemotherapy. We are truly a family and dearly love Cheryl and are always there for her, but she astounds us by her enthusiasm for life and ideals to live the best life ever!”

Congratulations to our finalists

Ronza Bargas- 2023 Instructor of the Year Finalist

Ronza Bargas
24 Hour Fitness, Livermore, California

Class participants love Ronza Bargas and feel her love and support in their fitness journeys. As one member says, “I feel safe in Ronza’s class because she genuinely cares about her students.” She always finishes class telling the members they are loved. Ronza organizes class socials and costume contests for the different holidays. She celebrates birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions helping the members feel connected to their SilverSneakers community.

Teresa Brown- 2023 Instructor of the Year Finalist

Teresa Brown
Redmond Senior Center, Redmond, Oregon

Teresa Brown was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022 but has continued teaching her SilverSneakers classes. One participant says, Teresa continues “motivating me to go beyond the limits I’ve been placing on myself.” She continues to model persistence and perseverance in her own life. Teresa is a great example for lifelong health and fitness with her incredible enthusiasm, insights and encouragement for her classes.

Jason House- 2023 Instructor of the Year Finalist

Jason House
Chuze Fitness, Tucson, Arizona

Jason House is all about community – the one he has created with the members in his class and those within the club. Members come from all over Tucson because of his understanding and value of creating a community. During class, Jason is sure to include strength, cardio, mobility and balance while making the time fun and exciting. His compassion, empathy and guidance make the members feel included and continue to come back.

Donna Rice - 2023 Instructor of the Year Finalist

Donna Rice
Anytime Fitness, Ft. Pierce, Florida

Donna Rice is an attentive and patient instructor. She makes sure to focus on different body parts while working out, even naming them as they go. Donna makes sure her participants have good form to get the most out of each exercise. She even brings humor into the class making it go by faster. As one member puts it, Donna is “dedicated to helping us achieve our goal of balance and good health.”